Discover the #ANZVirtualGarden

April 2016

See how you can use #ANZVirtualGarden on Twitter to interact with the innovative digital wall at our flagship Martin Place branch in Sydney.

A three-storey high, lush digital vertical garden changes colours from morning to afternoon to night, changes foliage with the seasons and responds to the ambient weather. Leaves appear to sway in the breeze, the waterfall swells with virtual raindrops, and shadows or sunbeams reflect passing clouds.

“There's nothing quite like it anywhere else,” says Daniel Cheong-See, National Creative Director at Deloitte Digital (with a swag of design awards for his prior creative projects) and a part of the project team that put ANZ's innovative installation in place.

A digital take on the more traditional 'vertical garden', the Virtual Garden at ANZ’s Martin Place branch is a permanent generative art installation that displays a constantly-changing digital garden driven by location-based data and clever social media interactions.

You can tweak the Virtual Garden your way, using Twitter and #ANZVirtualGarden to bring in more (or less) digital wildlife like butterflies, dragonflies, mushrooms, ladybirds, fireflies and various flowers. You can also fine-tune the virtual waterfall, or adjust the colours of the flora and fauna.

The visually stunning and intelligent backdrop not only showcases an innovative technology but also enhances the experience for customers.  

"There's nothing quite like it anywhere else."

The new Martin Place branch has been designed from the ground up to make banking easier.  

It's the largest branch in the ANZ network and reflects the way we have focused on using digital technologies to enhance the branch experience for customers, and a far cry from the first branch that ANZ established in Sydney, as the Bank of Australasia, way back in 1895. 

Innovations within the branch iPad kiosks throughout the branch for customers to check their accounts, the ANZ's Banker Desktop (a paper-free platform that captures financial goals and helps customise banking) and digitised personal loans that can be approved within 15 minutes, with cash available that day.

Digitised appointment bookings give bank customers certainty on wait times and lets you book future appointments on the spot. In-branch WiFi means bankers can help with technology like goMoney, mobile wallets and Internet Banking.


Beyond the garden, more than 30 digital screens in the bank explain products, demonstrate different solutions and even promote ANZ's sponsorships of key community programs like Spectrum, the Archibald Prize and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Dedicated customer spaces throughout the branch include discovery zones, discussion areas and seminar spaces, which can be used for local community events.