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A tournament tennis director up in lights

Sporting Life - January 2015

Behind the scenes of the Shanghai Masters with Technical Director, Mal Collins

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to control every single technical detail of a major tennis tournament?

The Shanghai Rolex Masters was one of the first major tournaments to introduce advanced video and technical elements to the game, and to understand just what goes into making everything run smoothly, we speak with Mal Collins, technical director of the Masters.

Mal coordinates every technical aspect of centre court, as well as some of the outside courts, to ensure that integral elements of the game are running smoothly. From courtside technology that confirms whether a ball is ‘in’ or ‘out’, to the umpires’ microphone and scoreboard updates, Mal’s role is one of great importance to the success of the tournament.

Here, we speak to Mal about his love of creating practical and entertaining solutions for the Shanghai Rolex Masters, as well as the role of support staff in making the tournament an experience to remember.