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Michelle in tune with savings

November 2014

See how the Saver Plus program helps educate participants with their finances

In conjunction with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and a number of other community organizations, Saver Plus supports participants with financial education to reach their targets and one such recipient is Michelle and her son Layne, featured in this video.

Saver Plus is a matched savings program developed by ANZ and the Brotherhood of St Laurence and delivered in partnership with community organisations like The Smith Family. For every one dollar saved by a participant in the program, and up to $500 over a 10-month period, ANZ will match with another dollar, which can then be spent on a family’s education-related expenses.If you know someone who might be eligible for Saver Plus, refer them today.

Mother of six, Michelle Ngatai-Stokes has always supported her family through challenges that come their way. And when her son Layne needed recording equipment to help him achieve his musical aspirations, Michelle was determined to make it work.

Finding information about Saver Plus in Layne’s school newsletter, Michelle was keen to learn more about the program and what it could offer her and Layne. 

Layne and Michelle completed the program together, diligently putting money away to achieve their savings goal. As part of the program, Michelle also attended financial education workshops, which she describes as “eye opening and truly life changing for the better.”

“The commitment that came with this program really made a difference,” Michelle says. “I like to think I am a pretty good budgeter, but the reality is that even when I would put a bit of money aside each week, there would often be something that would come up, meaning those savings would disappear.”

“Having the support of our workshop facilitator and regular direct debits meant we didn’t miss the money so much and learned to make do with what we had,” she says.

Being able to purchase his recording equipment inspired Layne to pursue a full-time music career after high school and now he’s studying classical guitar at the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane.

“Digital technologies have a huge role to play in music now, so you really need the equipment and skills to make it in the industry,” Layne says. “Through Saver Plus, I now understand that even the smallest amount of savings can grow into something big. If you put the time and effort in, you can turn these savings into something really good.”