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Twenty10 builds skills and confidence for LGBTI youth with GAYTM support

March 2016

To celebrate 10 years of supporting Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, ANZ has again transformed ATMs around Sydney’s CBD into specially-decorated GAYTMs, with glitzy designs featuringe rainbows and leopard-skin, moustaches and unicorns.

And as well as being really, really, ridiculously good looking, GAYTMs also support young LGTBI people in crisis, with for the third year in a row, ANZ donating all ATM operator fees charged to non-ANZ card holders using GAYTMs to LGBTI charity Twenty10. 

Brett Paradise, who is Executive Director of Twenty10, says that ANZ’s support has made a big difference to its ability to help young LGBTI people in need.

“Twenty10 began as a community response to young people at risk and we still work with young people who are vulnerable or at risk of homelessness,” he says.

The charity also intervenes before crisis happens, working across housing, mental health, counselling and social support.

“A lot of young LGBTI people disengage with education early, often due to bullying or isolation,” says Brett.

Twenty10 helped over 370 young people last year, but government funding covered less than half that number.

“We help build their confidence and their skills so they can return to education rather than spend the rest of their lives trying to hide literacy problems or being poorly qualified for employment.”

Twenty10 also encourages young people to maintain relationships with their families, Brett says.

“If that can’t happen, we try to create really positive connections – like a monthly dinner where the staff and volunteers get together, and we all cook and clean together and create the menu which gives us that routine of family that's often missing.”

Those values are closely reflected at ANZ. “Diversity, inclusion and respect is an important part of what we do at ANZ,” says Mark Hand, Chair of ANZ’s Australia Division Diversity Council.

Learn more about the work of Twenty10 on their website.


Contributing Writer: Fran Molloy

Photographer: Brendan Fitzpatrick and Courtesy of Dave Beks and Twenty10