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How Australians are improving their financial skills

July 2015

For more than 10 years, ANZ, together with a range of community partners, has helped nearly 300,000 people worldwide improve their financial skills through the MoneyMinded program. It's been so successful, we've decided to share a few ideas with everyone.

Each Monday, we'll share a simple, fun tip. So whether you want to learn better budgeting tips, reduce your debt or start saving, check back each week to stay updated. You’ll be amazed what’s possible when you take it one Monday at a time.


Want to know more about MoneyMinded?

MoneyMinded Monday is inspired by the MoneyMinded program, an award-winning financial education course designed to help people build their financial skills, knowledge and confidence. Developed by ANZ, government groups and education experts, MoneyMinded has helped thousands worldwide and is still going strong. Our aim is to help more Australians build their financial skills, knowledge and confidence.

Our investment in innovative financial education programs is part of ANZ’s commitment to help build the prosperity of people living in the communities in which we operate. Learn more about MoneyMinded, our community partners and other programs here.

Our MoneyMinded community partners


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MoneyMinded has helped thousands of people worldwide. Here’s what people are saying: