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Keep, swap, stop and save

August 2015

You might think most of your money goes on big expenses. But often it’s the small, non-essential things, or ‘spending leaks’, you buy each day that really add up over time.

THIS WEEK’S ACTIVITY: Keep, swap or stop

If you’ve got a spending leak, or you’re having trouble reaching your financial goals, then you might find the ‘Keep, swap or stop’ technique useful. Some things you will choose to keep buying. Swapping allows you to enjoy the things you love but at a cheaper price, e.g. buying in bulk, buying a cheaper brand or even an alternative product. If you choose ‘stop’, you might  initially miss the things you give up, like drinks, snacks or magazines, but keep in mind that by doing so, you’re one step closer to achieving your goal.

Here are some keep, swap or stop examples:

●     A cup of coffee is only a few dollars. But if you buy one four dollar coffee a day, that’s $28 week, or $1460 a year - enough to cover a debt, pay for a holiday or even a new laptop. You could choose to stop, reduce how many coffees you buy each week or swap to making coffee at home. Even better, ask work to invest in a coffee machine to increase productivity and eliminate the wasted time it takes to do a coffee run.

●     If it’s a magazine, consider swapping for a cheaper subscription, find a free online blog or borrow magazines from your local library.

●     Consider swapping a gym membership for an outdoor workout like a run, or using weights at a home. Grab a friend to keep motivated.

Go on, try the swap, stop or keep technique now and get plugging!

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MoneyMinded  has helped thousands of people worldwide. Here’s what people are saying:

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