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Australia, it’s time to get what you need.

August 2015

They say you can’t always get what you want - but maybe that’s a good thing. Discover the benefits of prioritising your spending, then check out the activity below.

THIS WEEK’S ACTIVITY: Differentiating between wants and needs

There are some items that we all need, like food and accommodation, but when it comes to what you want, it’s important to make the decision that is best for you. For example, someone might need a new car because they live far away from public transport, while someone else might want a new car because they don’t like the colour of their old car. Classifying your spending into ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ can help you to make decisions about how best to use your money.


Let’s start with needs

Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns, Wants and Needs. What are the things you really need right now? It could be essential items like rent, paying bills and food. Maybe public transport so you can get to work. Whatever they are, list them under ‘Needs’.


Now let’s tackle the wants

So you’ve covered your rent, bills and transport, plus there’s enough food in the fridge to last until payday. Now list all the things you want, but before you run out and splurge, take a moment to ask yourself:


●     Do I really need this?

●     Do I need it right now?

●     How will I pay for it?

●     Can I wait until I have cash to pay for it?

●     If I get a loan, how much will the interest cost me? And how long will it take to pay off?


Prioritising what you need is a great way start your journey to becoming a savings ninja. Remember, if there’s something you really, really want, you can still have it as long as your ‘needs’ are taken care of first. 

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