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How to make smart purchase decisions

August 2015

Giving yourself 24 hours to think before you buy is a great way to avoid purchase regrets, but what about taking it one step further? All you need is a little bit of SMART planning.


Having a goal can help you to know where you are headed, but some goals lack enough specific detail to enable us to work out how to go about achieving them.

SMART goals are more likely to be achieved because they clearly define what we are hoping to achieve and they help to keep us focused. SMART goals also allow us to continually check our progress.


It works like this:

S stands for specific. Start with a specific goal, like a ‘weekend camping holiday’, then estimate how much it will cost -  let’s say $300. 

M for measurable. Work out how much you need to put aside each week, like $30 per week.

A for achievable. How you’ll find the money, like bringing lunch to work three days a week.

R for realistic. Is this realistic? Are you likely to stick to this plan? If not, go back and adjust.

T for timed. Work out how many weeks / months / years it will take you to reach your goal.


Be a little SMARTer and try it for yourself. Pick an item you want and apply the SMART principles.

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