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Angie's MoneyMinded story

November 2014

A personal take on being both sides of the MoneyMinded financial education program

One of Australia’s oldest community organisations, Kildonan UnitingCare, partners with ANZ to deliver MoneyMinded, an adult financial education program.  Angie – a past MoneyMinded participant and now a MoneyMinded facilitator, shares her experience.

Angie van der Horst lives in the tiny Victorian town of Kinglake, a place that was ravaged by the Black Saturday bushfires in February 2009. Whilst Angie was able to save her home from the fires, it became threatened once again by the possibility of missed mortgage repayments when she lost her job.

In an attempt to protect her home and the financial uncertainty she was facing, Angie made an appointment with a financial counselor at Kildonan UnitingCare. It was the first time she had heard of this type of service.

“When I came into contact with the financial counselor at Kildonan UnitingCare, I was impressed with the information she’d given me, information I felt every person out there should know about,” Angie says.

As a result of her personal experience, Angie made enquiries about helping other people like herself and successfully attained a job in Kildonan’s Financial Inclusion team. This meant training as a financial counselor, followed by additional training in microfinance and MoneyMinded facilitation, all of which were completed by Angie.

“I enjoy the training side of things and believe in ‘prevention rather than cure’. Therefore I now focus solely on delivering MoneyMinded workshops and getting across as much of the money management message as I can as it is more than just learning to budget.  It is also about knowing what services are out there and how to access these for assistance, understanding your legal rights and knowing what your provider’s legal obligations entail. For me, it’s been a very rewarding role.”

MoneyMinded continues to be rolled-out across the Asia Pacific region in partnership with key community organisations such as Kildonan UnitingCare. Angie is one of thousands of facilitators implementing this program on a daily basis, making it one of the most successful financial literacy programs over the last ten years. People from all walks of life access the program to build their money management capability and help instill greater sense of control over their financial wellbeing.