Personal Growth

My Essentials: Flox

Personal Growth - July 2016

Auckland-based street artist Hayley King – better known as 'Flox' – uses spray paint and handcrafted stencils to transform urban spaces.

Her painted scenes of flying birds, tropical flowers, lush foliage and native species colour inner-city laneways and the exterior walls of large buildings, from Taipei to Christchurch. Flox murals also grace the interiors of fine homes and trendy cafes and bars, painted on kitchen splashbacks and room walls.

King is an artisan who values the craft of creating things by hand. She spends hours cutting intricate stencils, guided by intuition and inspiration. Her 'essentials' include scalpels, stencil paper and cutting mats. When she paints, a mask is essential to protect from the fumes. King is an artistic entrepreneur with a practical can-do focus - one who is as handy with operating a scissor lift as she is with a spray paint can.


Writer: Kate Monahan

Photographer: Peter Drury & supplied images from Hayley King