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Personal Growth - January 2015

Become a multitasking genius with these 'Lifehacks'

Your life is fast-paced – there’s no doubt about it. You squeeze a lot into your day. But what if you could be so efficient with your time that you actually found yourself with a couple of hours to spare – to simply unwind?

Juggling a multitude of tasks isn’t fun for anyone. You feel unproductive and inefficient – as if you’re getting nowhere fast. Put some of those juggling balls back in the box for good with these five simple tips.


1.      Take the rubber off the road

First things first, cut your daily commute time. Are you using the best route in the morning to get to work?

  • Download the Google Maps app and identify the quickest route to your destination, as well as live traffic, incident reports and dynamic rerouting. While we’re on the subject, do you even need to be in your car? Are there any carpooling arrangements at your work? Take advantage of them and save hours every week.
  • If you find you spend a lot of time on the road (or in the air) travelling to work appointments, consider alternatives. SlideShare is a great resource that allows businesses to upload and share presentations, infographics, videos and PDFs. If you have to attend a lot of meetings, consider video conferencing or, if seminar invitations are crowding your diary, dial in to interactive webinars.

2.      Manage your time. Don’t let it manage you

Do you often question whether you need a PA for your personal life? You’re not alone, but thankfully the market is bulging with time-management apps.

  • Remember The Milk is a great tool that allows you to add and complete tasks on the go and even flag priorities, due dates and time estimates.
  • It syncs with Evernote so if you have documented something in Evernote with a deadline, a reminder will come through.


3.      Outsource – your perfect recourse

If you have a few extra dollars in your pocket each month, spend them wisely on some much-needed help.

  • From cleaning to dog walking, picking up parcels and polishing cars – you name it, you can outsource it through companies such as Airtasker (Aus and Asia) and TaskRabbit (US). Avoid shopping altogether. 
  • Order your food online – most major supermarkets do this. And if you’re running low on shampoo and moisturiser, have them delivered directly to your door with StrawberryNET. Turn to Amazon to buy everything from books to jewellery, and the hugely popular ASOS for your fashion needs.


4.      Learn at your leisure

As a generation, we are buckling under the weight of information overload. You can barely get halfway through reading an article online before the next news alert pops up.

  • Manage the flow of information you receive by simply plugging in your favourite news sources or topics and the app will deliver a summary of the day’s news.
  • If you find you still can’t find extra time in your day to browse at leisure, try RescueTime, a software solution that analyses your online behaviour and reports on your productivity and effectiveness.


5.      Avoid queues for good

There’s no longer a need to spend your precious lunch hour queuing at the post office or bank – you can do almost everything on your mobile device.

  • Tools such as goMoney allow you to pay anyone, transfer money between accounts and pay bills. Square Cash allows you to simply pay your friends back money you owed them for last night’s dinner by sending an email. And if you find lodging Medicare (Aus)/Medicare (US) claims a drain on your time, use the online services provided– you can even track how a claim is progressing.
  • Slow the pace, ease your stress and find extra time in your day for YOU with these five simple life hacks.

Important note – The above lifehack provides general information only and is not advice.  ANZ makes no representation as to its accuracy, adequacy or completeness.