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Can't wake up in the morning?

Personal Growth - January 2015

'Lifehacks' to become more active

Make the complex simple with these five easy ways to get a restful night’s sleep and ensure you wake feeling refreshed and ready.

You know the scenario: the birds are chirping and all you want to do is catch another five minutes of shut-eye before crawling out from under the covers. Your batteries don’t feel fully recharged, but you still have to be at your desk by nine o’clock.

If you miss healthy sleep, you’re not alone. More than 1.5 million Australian adults suffer from a sleep disorder – that’s almost one in ten. The key to a good night’s rest is to develop good habits: a healthy diet, regular exercise and making sure your head hits the pillow at the same time every evening. Here are five life hacks that will help get you back to being a morning person.

1.   Monitor your sleep with an app

Can’t stop thinking about tomorrow’s big presentation?

  • The Sleep Pillow app can help banish those pesky thoughts by emitting ambient sounds that are designed to lull you off into the land of nod.
  • Another great solution is the Sleep Cycle app, a smart alarm clock that uses your smartphone to record every toss and turn, finally waking you when it detects that you are in your lightest sleep phase.

2.   Make a pledge

Sometimes you just need to put your money where your mouth is.

  • You can join a pledge site and make a commitment to getting up before a certain time, encouraging others to join in. If you break the pledge, you’ll donate a small sum to charity.
  • You could also commit to exercising every day, or to cutting back on evening activities – such that extra glass of wine or surfing the web – that can reduce the quality of your sleep.


3.   Wake up to something different

If you asked people what they would like to wake up to, you would probably find the squawk of an alarm clock wouldn’t be it.

  • For the rest of us, there’s the Wake-up Light, which simulates dawn by gently getting brighter, just like the sun peeking over the horizon.
  • A coffee maker with a programmable timer is another nifty wake-up gadget, ensuring that piping hot coffee will be waiting for you when your alarm sounds.
  • Another good way to force yourself out of bed is to make an appointment with a friend who’s an early riser? Grab some cash or your credit card and arrange to meet at a favourite café for breakfast.


4.   Send out a social media alert

If you have a social media following, this is your chance to put it to even better use.

  • Commit yourself to sending out a tweet or a status update at sunrise. This could just be a simple “good morning world”, or something a little more creative, like a quick snapshot of dawn breaking outside your window.
  • Getting your social network looking forward to your first post can be a great way to kick-start your connectivity for the day.


5.   Get primed for the next workday

If you still find getting to sleep difficult – even after you’ve tried all of the things listed above –you might still be worrying too much about the next day.

  • If a big decision is keeping you awake, at least try to sketch out a plan of action for tackling it the following day.
  • A to-do list app, such as Todoist or, can help put those sleep-eating tasks safely in a box while you sleep.

Getting out of bed shouldn’t be such a challenge. These simple strategies can help you sleep effortlessly, making your workday much more pleasant and productive.

Important note – The above lifehack provides general information only and is not advice.  ANZ makes no representation as to its accuracy, adequacy or completeness.