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Going your own way?

Personal Growth - January 2015

"Lifehacks" for the entrepreneur pro

Being your own boss can be incredibly rewarding, but it also takes persistence – and having just the right tools at hand. 

There are many great reasons to become an entrepreneur, beyond the allure of following your dreams and getting to choose your own work hours.  There’s also the extraordinary sense of accomplishment that comes from building your own company. Or it could simply be about using your unique skills – and talents – to change the world for the better.

Here are some simple lifehacks that will help make you an entrepreneur pro.


1.      Go digital with CardMunch

You’ve just come back from a big networking function and your wallet is bursting with business cards – many of which will languish in a desk drawer never to be seen again.

  • CardMunch does more than just dispense with the need to keep track of all those cards.
  • After taking a snapshot of the card, it will automatically add its address information to your LinkedIn contacts so you can start connecting with the individual straight away. Because business cards are just so 1980s.

2.      Travel smart with the right apps

When you’ve just disembarked a plane after a long-haul flight, taking a long hot shower is usually high on the list of things to do – as is enjoying the local cuisine.

  • The LocalEats app makes this a breeze. Don’t speak the local language?
  • The Google Translate app interprets speech, handwriting and typed text, and Word Lens will translate menus and signs with one click of your smartphone camera. 
  • Travel insurance will cover you if you’ve been served somebad tapas or your luggage disappears, but are you au fait in local cultural norms? World Customs (US) can help prevent any embarrassing missteps.


3.      Get organised and stay connected

  • Most of us know Skype and it’s a great way to stay in touch, but did you know that Google+ Hangouts also offers free group calls?
  • As long as you have a Google+ account, you’re free to set up a virtual meeting anywhere –in the apartment you snagged via Airbnb or at the café hotspot you found using Wi-Fi Finder.
  • Want to collaborate on a proposal but the deadline’s looming? Google Drive can be the answer, providing real-time viewing of document changes and feedback. As an entrepreneur, your creativity can be running hot 24/7, so capture every great idea using Evernote.


4.      Build relationships with clients from other cultures

Making sure you have a budget for client meetings and events is a given, but what about setting aside a special fund for clients with special cultural or religious beliefs?

  • Whether it’s Chinese New Year or Hanukkah, this can be a great way to strengthen a relationship. A multicultural calendar (Aus) will help ensure you never miss an important date.
  • Obviously, you’ll want to make sure your finances are in shape and that your knowledge on international business etiquette is up to date.


Important note – The above lifehack provides general information only and is not advice.  ANZ makes no representation as to its accuracy, adequacy or completeness.