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Want to be an eco-warrior?

Personal Growth - January 2015

Check our our five 'Lifehacks' to more environmentally friendly

Want to be an eco-warrior? Implementing a few of these easy ideas into your day-to-day routine will boost your green credentials and help you on your way to becoming an environmentally conscious consumer. 

You may be worried about global warming and the impact humans are having on the planet, but in between chores, work meetings, taking the kids to school and a hundred other commitments, it can be hard to know where to begin. With our five easy-to-follow life hacks, anyone can start to save the world one step at a time.


1.    Tap into technology

Get into green habits with the click of a button thanks to a plethora of innovative apps.

• Put the brakes on your solo drive to work and join a carpooling scheme – try Carma, which has car-sharing communities in cities in the US, Norway and Ireland.

• Overhaul your eating habits with Safe Seafood, an app that helps users identify sustainable fish wherever they are in the world, and support local farmers by finding independent producers near you – there are apps outlining the locations of markets in the US, the UK and various states in Australia.

2.     What’s goes around comes around

  • With information on 1.6 million places where you can recycle more than 350 different materials, the iRecycle app (US) means you’ll never have an excuse to throw out your glass bottles or milk cartons again.
  • The project has caught on and, increasingly, wherever you are in the world you’ll find apps to help you dispose of your rubbish responsibly – such as Reyoutilizer (Dubai), which offers prizes as recycling incentives.


3.    Be a thoughtful traveller

You drive an electric or a hybrid car and, whenever possible, you pedal or take public transport to your place of work. But are you having trouble reconciling your international adventures with your eco-conscience?

  • With Climate Friendly you simply enter your flight details to calculate the amount of carbon generated and what it will cost you (this figure is available in seven currencies) to offset the impact of the trip. Where does your money go? To fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions – for example restoring forests and upgrading power plants.
  • To make things even simpler, several airlines offer carbon offset schemes – simply opt in when you buy your tickets.


4.    A green home is a happy home

Where do we begin? There are hundreds of ways to run an environmentally friendly house.

  • Install under-floor heating and solar panels, get your loft insulated, buy furniture made with locally sourced materials and replace your old-school light bulbs with today’s energy-saving globes.
  • If you prefer a hands-on approach, there are heaps of gadgets that can help reduce your electricity consumption, such as solar-powered laptop and smartphone chargers.


5.    Grow your own 

You don’t need a large garden to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

  • Now city dwellers who are short on space can be self-sufficient and reduce their food miles too, thanks to the increasing popularity of seed boxes. Soil-filled crates are delivered direct to your door and all you need to do is remember to regularly water your crop.
  • For the adventurous you can even enjoy freshly laid eggs each morning with a range of compact hen houses called Eglu. The attractive, award-winning designs are available for delivery to countries across Europe.

It’s all about getting into good habits, and with these simple life hacks you’ll be living like an eco-warrior in no time at all

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