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Lucy Piper shooting for adventure

December 2015

The British-born, Melbourne-based video production manager goes all over the world shooting and producing videos for the travel group, which caters to over 250,000 tourists through brands like Peregrine, Geckos Adventures and Intrepid Travel.

In the past year, video production manager Lucy Piper has waded through knee-deep Antarctic snow and climbed Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia's highest peak in pursuit of the perfect shot – each time toting 25 kilos of camera gear.

It's all part of her job as videographer with the Intrepid Group, the world's largest global adventure travel company.

Lucy's entrepreneurial spirit and love of adventure has seen the 33-year old move countries and change careers to pursue her goals and to live a life she loves.

“I have the best job in the world," says Lucy. “I have to pinch myself every day."

It sounds glamorous, but the work can be challenging.

When she lugged heavy camera equipment and led a crew up Mt Kinabalu in Borneo , a height of 4095 metres, Lucy was also fighting the effects of gastroenteritis.

Her dizzying schedule over the past year has included work in Uluru, Argentina and Brazil as well as Borneo and the Antarctic. But the sometimes-gruelling work has paid off. Lucy's short films resonate with global audiences on social media, reaching more than 500,000 people on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

Her films were also selected as finalists in the Adventure Travel Trade Association's 2014 Motion in Film awards.

Lucy ditched law school in London to study film at University of Kent, then worked as a camera assistant for five years.

Her first big move happened when Lucy spent a winter running a ski chalet in the French Alps with her boyfriend, now husband, Jarrod Bosanko.

“That was what shifted my perception on life, being in nature had a big impact on me," says Lucy.

In 2008 the couple moved to Australia and Lucy worked for a Melbourne advertising agency.

“I was in a great agency with great people, but I wasn't happy. I wasn't passionate about what we were selling," says Lucy.

She left the agency and took a four-month contract doing copy writing for the Intrepid Group in 2010.

Four months turned into five years. Last year she was promoted to video production manager. It's the perfect blend of her film skills and her love for outdoor adventure.

Lucy says Intrepid has given her the freedom to take entrepreneurial type risks, in part because of the company culture (Intrepid Group was founded in 1989 by two young entrepreneurs).

“I try not to be scared of getting in trouble," she says, adding that her personal mantra is “ask for forgiveness, never permission".

"Because we are a small team we can be fairly robust in our approach and trust our experience and instincts to deliver on the wider business strategy."


Inspired by polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, Lucy combines her work with a passion for travel and adventure.

Lucy's mentors over the years have included her Dad – who also works in the film industry – and work colleagues.

Polar explorer, Ernest Shackleton, serves as her main inspiration. Lucy's first work experience was on Kenneth Branagh's 2002 film Shackleton, and she has devoured every book and movie on the old adventurer since.

“I think that's where my desire to pursue big goals comes from," says Lucy. “I read a lot about explorers, Shackleton in particular. Their approach to life – and to taking on challenges – is a deep, driving motivation in me."

A picture of Shackleton sits on her desk for motivation, “He has a little speech bubble coming out of his mouth which says, 'Keep up the good work Piper'."

Outside of work, fitness is a passion, which has helped her overcome health issues. Lucy wakes most mornings at 4.45am, training for triathlons. She also works pro-bono, making videos for a women's triathlon and sport online publication, with the aim to help more women get into the sport.

Lucy's latest adventure, in October 2015, involved guiding and filming a blind runner along the 43-kilometre long Inca Trail in one day, to raise money for Unicef.

Lucy's fearless approach to life inspires her to reach new heights, and live a life of adventure and achievement.